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For The Foodie

The Foodie wants easy access to outstanding dining options during normal hours, on their schedule, without a hassle. ENVY The Steakhouse serves up a dining experience that indeed will make your friends envious.

For The Duo

The Duo knows that the best way to spice up their love life is by enjoying the variety Las Vegas has to offer. From the access to world class nightlife, to our peaceful poolside retreat, The Duo can have their fun and quiet romance all in one trip.

For the Diva

Let us help meet your needs for the best in relaxation and rejuvenation. Our partnership with the Canyon Ranch Spa, located at The Venetian and The Palazzo Resorts, affords you diva access to one of the most award winning spas in Vegas.

The Business Package

Not one to turn down a bet or a good deal, The Planner never suffers from “Buyer’s Remorse” and avoids risk by securing the essentials in advance. Who travels without breakfast or Internet access... even in Vegas?

The Practical Breakfast Package

Always practical and no non-nonsense in their planning, The Pragmatist knows that Vegas is best enjoyed in sensible doses and it cannot start without the most important meal of the day.